Star Ring


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A handcrafted gold vermeil ring featuring a dazzling white sapphire at its core—add a handful of shine and glimmer to your wardrobe.
– Handcrafted in gold vermeil: a thick 14k gold layer on sterling silver.
– Set with AAA quality gemstones, for an added shimmering luster.
– Pendant size: 14.00mm x13.00mm

Material Description
Gold Vermeil
Our vermeil is a thick layer of 14k solid gold on sterling silver, ensuring our vermeil pieces have a dazzling luster, perfect gold appearance, and long lifespan.
Sterling Silver
Sterling silver is the standard for beautiful, high-quality silver jewelry. We use over 90 percent pure silver mixed with alloys to increase strength and durability. Rhodium is applied to our sterling silver jewelry to prevent oxidation and add a bright finish.
While gemstones vary in rarity and value, we select only those that meet the highest quality standards, allowing us to offer a variety of elegant cuts and refined styles.Gemstones

SKU: 03BR5ZZ0225